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Most of the livestock in Indonesia are still conventional or traditional farms, where the quality of the seeds, the use of
technology and the skills of farmers are still relatively low, thus affecting the productivity and genetic quality of
livestock. Therefore it is necessary to have knowledge about livestock reproduction that discusses fertilization,
cleveage and implantation. Fertilization or fertilization (singami) is the fusion of two gametes which can be a nucleus
or nucleus cells to form a single cell (zygote) or fusion of the nucleus. the process starts with the preparation of ovum
cells and spermatozoa; penetration; core incorporation; and early zygote cleavage. Fertilization phase is the meeting
between sperm cells and ovum cells and will produce zygote. Zygote will perform cell division (cleavage). The zygote
then undergoes growth and development through stages, namely division, gastrulation, and organogenesis.
Implantation or also known as oxidation is the process of implanting the embryo, which is the result of conception,
into the uterine wall (endometrium) to further develop.


fertilization, cleveage, implantation, reproduction

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