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Background: Low back pain (NPB) is the first disease that causes disabilities at all ages, and its incidence increases with
age. A number of previous studies have reported that hydrotherapy has an effect on improving low back pain and
increasing flexibility.Therefore, this study aims to determine the effect of hydrotherapy on pain intensity and
lumbosacral flexibility in low back pain patients at dr. Mohammad Hoesin Palembang. Methods: This study is a pre-
experimental study with a one group pretest-posttest design with a sample size of 35 NPB patients. Inclusion criteria
were NPB patients who did not undergo operative action, had no contraindications to undergo hydrotherapy, and
were > 29 years old. The exclusion criteria were patients with communication disabilities and a history of low back
pain due to infection, tumor and metastases. Subjects dropped out of the study if they underwent hydrotherapy less
than three times or withdrew. Pain intensity and lumbosacral flexibility data were obtained before and after the
subject underwent hydrotherapy once a week for one month. Results: There was a decrease in pain intensity from
5.57 to 4.00 (p <0.001) and an increase in lumbosacral flexibility from 48.10 to 48.73 (p = 0.014) in low back pain
patients undergoing hydrotherapy. Conclusion: There is an effect of hydrotherapy on reducing pain intensity and
increasing lumbosacral flexibility in low back pain patients undergoing hydrotherapy at the Medical Rehabilitation
Installation Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Palembang


Low back pain (NPB) hydrotherapy pain flexibility

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Walean, M. K., & Nyimas Fatimah. (2020). The Effect of Hydrotherapy in Low Back Pain Patients. Sriwijaya Journal of Medicine, 3(3), 105-112.

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