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. Many teenagers who experience dissatisfaction with changes in body shape. Mismatched the reality of actual body shape and ideal body image perception triggers negative body image perception which can cause a decrease in self-esteem. In terms of gender, women's self-esteem levels tend to be lower compared to men. This study was an observational analytic study with a cross-sectional approach, taken at Fons Vitae I Senior High School with stratified random sampling. The body image was measured by using Body Shape Questionnaire-34 (BSQ-34) and self-esteem was measured by using Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale (RSES) questionnaire. Data are analyzed using chi-square. The total respondents were 109 female students. In univariate analysis there were 13.8% female students who had dissatisfaction with her body image and 86.2% female students who had satisfaction with her body image. Female students with low self-esteem were 19.3% and high self-esteem were 80.7%. The bivariate analysis shows that there is a significant association between body image and the level of self-esteem among Senior High School female students at Fons Vitae I (p = 0.039) with OR = 3.511. There is a significant association between body image and level of self-esteem.


Female Adolescent, Body Image, Self-Esteem, Senior High School Female Student.

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Pangestian, M., Prihadi, P., & Agus, D. (2020). Association Between Body Image and Self Esteem Among Senior High School Female Students At Fons Vitae I In Years of Study 2019/2020. Sriwijaya Journal of Medicine, 3(2), 111-120. Retrieved from