Published: Jun 3, 2021

Is Duration of Endotracheal Tube Intubation Using a Video Laryngoscope Different with a Direct Laryngoscope in Elective Surgery Patients During Pandemic Covid-19?

103-114 Zaky Hasan, Zulkifli, Agustina Br Haloho, Irfannuddin

The Effects of Ketamin-Midazolam and Ketamin-Propofol on Bispectral Index Score as Sedatives During Bone Marrow Puncture Procedure Among Pediatrics

115-134 Aldiar, Fredi Heru Irwanto, Andi Miarta, Irfannuddin

The Effectiveness of Mometasone Spray and Triamcinolone Acetonide Gel in Preventing Sore Throat, Cough, and Hoarse after Intubation

135-147 Zentika. I. Fajri, Fredi Heru Irwanto, A Miarta, Theodorus

Oxycodone 5 Miligram is More Effective Than Ketorolac 30 Miligram in Suppressing Cortisol Levels During General Anesthesia

148-158 Kelvin, Rizal Zainal, Irwanto FH, Bahar Erial

Preemptive Ketorolac is as Effective as Oxycodone Decreasing Plasma Cortisol Levels in Patients Undergoing Spinal Anesthesia

159-169 Nugraha Heryadi , Rizal Zainal, Agustina Br Haloho, Erial Bahar

Correlation Between Albumin Level and 28-Days Sepsis Related Mortality

170-183 Nugroho H.S., Mafiana R, Irwanto FH, Husin Syarif

Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome (MRKH) Patients Treated with Laparoscopic Neovaginal with The Davydov Procedure with Epidural Anesthesia: A Case Report

184-189 Hadrians Kesuma Putra, Amir Fauzi , Ratih Krisna, Aerul Chakra Alibasya , Aidyl Fitrisyah, Alia Desmalia