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The iron deficiency anemia is kind of anemia because the less of iron that make the
function to tie oxygen is down. Young girl is one of sufferer group who’s prone to get
anemia. The long consequence of anemia for the young girl will disturb fatal function
of some organ in their body. In general arise of headache symptoms and pain in the
centre of head. And the in pregnancy will increase some complication risk such as
maternal death. Premature born and perinatal death. One of nature ingredients
(herbal) which is reported to have high iron content is kelor leaf (Moringa oleifera L) for
about 28, 29 mg/100 g kelor. The purpose of this research is to know the effectiveness
of Kelor leave fraction ((Moringa oleifera L) to increase hemoglobin grade with
preclinical. Experimental research with complete random design (RAL) has been done
in February till April 2019 in medical faculty laboratory of universitas sriwijaya
Palembang. Sample of the research is female rat that has inclusion criteria as much
30 rats. Divided into 5 group. That is negative control group. Positive control (ferrous
fumarate 60%), n-heksan fraction, ethyl acetate, and 1% concentration of kelor leave
ethanol, the data of Hb all of subject before and after treatment from subject of iron
deficiency anemia has collected by using Easy Touch GCHb tool. The analysis data of
this research used SPSS 2.2 version. The result of the research said that the
hemoglobin grade before and after treatment showed significant increasing(p<0,05) for
n – hexane fraction and acetate ethyl >45%. While ethanol fraction only 32%.


Moringa leaf fraction Fraction Iron Deficiency Anemia Hemoglobin grade

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Ricika, W. (2020). The Effectiveness Of Moringa oleifera L (Moringa oleifera L) Fraction On The Improvement Of Hemoglobine Levels Of Betinine Rat (Rattus norvegicus) Anemia Model Of Iron Deficiency. Biomedical Journal of Indonesia, 6(3), 63-70.

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