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Aesthetics is a philosophy of the concept of beauty which is the reason people take
orthodontic treatment. One of the factors that influence aesthetics is a smile. Apart
from personal experiences and social environment, the patient's perception of the
aesthetics of the smile after orthodontic treatment can be influenced by
characteristics. This study aims to determine the perception of smile aesthetics in
post-orthodontic patients based on characteristics. This type of research is descriptive
analytic with cross sectional design. The study population were patients who were
recorded in medical records at the practice of drg. Josep Ginting, Sp. Ort in Pontianak,
West Kalimantan Province with a sample size of 30 people. Collecting data by
distributing questionnaires containing nine aesthetic indicators of smiles through the
WhatsApp application. Data were analyzed using the Mann Whitney test. Based on
the results of the study, it was seen that there were differences in the aesthetic
perceptions of respondents' smiles based on age (p = 0.017), gender (p = 0.004) and
education (p = 0.015). The conclusion of this study is that there are differences in
patient perceptions of aesthetic smile after orthodontic treatment based on the
characteristics in the practice of drg. Josep Ginting, drg, Sp. Ort in Pontianak, West


Smile Aesthetics Perception Age Gender Education

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Hadi, L., Valerin Angelina, Zulfan Muttaqin, & Berliana Sihombing. (2021). Perception of The Aesthetics of a Smile in Patients Post Using Orthodonic Treatment Based on Characteristics. Archives of The Medicine and Case Reports, 2(2), 165-171.