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  • Archives of The Medicine and Case Reports

    Archives of The Medicine and Case Reports (AMCR)  is an open access, peer reviewed Journal published by  Hanif Medisiana Publisher  - Faculty of Medicine Universitas Sriwijaya. The aim of the journal is to provide an excellent platform for scientists and medical specialties to...
  • Biomedical Journal of Indonesia

    Biomedical Journal of Indonesia (ISSN:  2407-7097 ) and (e-ISSN:  2685-0184 ) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal published by Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Sriwijaya which is publish three times a year. This journal is dedicated to publishing original research, case reports,...
  • Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Research

    Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Research/JACR  is a scientific journal published by the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Sriwijaya . JACR is an English language journal. JACR includes original research, review article, case report,...
  • Sriwijaya Journal of Medicine

    Sriwijaya Journal of Medicine (SJM)  is a scientific journal managed by Faculty of Medicine Universitas Sriwijaya, Indonesia.  It publishes original research articles and reviews in Biomedical Sciences, Medicine (Neurology, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Urogenital,...
  • Sriwijaya Journal of Dentistry

    Sriwijaya Journal of Dentistry (SJD) is the official journal of Dentistry Study Program, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Sriwijaya published biannually, every June and December. It is a  peer-reviewed scientific journal, in an electronic version. The submission process of the manuscript...